Game Host for Birthday Party

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The Party Host for Birthdays, Game Host for Birthday Party, Anchor for Birthdays, Emcee for Birthdays



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  • ❖ The Game host with an experience of more than 10 years within the Industry
  • ❖ He will perform for 90 minutes or till cake cutting whichever is earlier
  • ❖ He will make the kids play, dance and have fun during the session
  • ❖ He will also make the parents, adults and elders play subject to availability
  • ❖ All the games will be spontaneous depending on the crowd engagement, mood, energy and availability
  • ❖ He will carry the necessary props for kids games like balloons, hula hoop etc.
  • ❖ He will also take care of the announcements during the 90 minutes sessions
  • ❖ Music System is not the part of this package
  • ❖ You need to arrange a mike for the host
  • ❖ You need to provide the the gifts which needs to be distributed during the games
  • ❖ He will be proficient in English and Hindi Language


The Anchor for the event who will make the environment lively with his playful aura. A game host can be a great addition to a birthday party, helping to keep the energy high and the guests engaged in fun activities. Hiring a game host for a birthday party can add an extra element of fun and entertainment for guests of all ages.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is the time frame for this activity?

    This activity will be for 90 minutes to 2 hours or till cake cutting whichever is earlier

  • Can we get to speak with the Host before event?

    Yes. Our Event Manager will make you speak with the Host on Call a day prior the event.

  • Will we get the same Host as shown in the picture?

    You will either get the same Host or the Host with same Caliber and Potential subject to the availability.

  • Is the music system included with this package?

    This Package is only for the Host and Client has to arrange the Music and Mike and person to operate the music, for the host to perform

  • Will the Host carry the props needed for the games?

    Yes the Host will carry the necessary Props needed for the games.

  • Will the Host get the gifts to distribute during the games?

    The gifts need to be taken care off by the client. We will update you the count of the gifts to get based on your kids count post the booking is done.

  • Do we need the music system for small event as well?

    Yes. Music and mike with operator is must for the host to perform irrespective of the size, place and number of people available in the event.

Things To Remember

Things that need to know

  • ❖ Client needs to select the correct time slot of the delivery
  • ❖ Client need to arrange the gifts for the kids to be distributed during the games
  • ❖ Gifts should be given before the games host start the games session
  • ❖ All the games will be spontaneous depending on the crowd availability
  • ❖ If you have any specific games requirements then it needs to be addressed during booking
  • ❖ Games host will start the hosting session once 80 percent crowd invited are available
  • ❖ The above mentioned rates are not applicable on 25th December, 31st December and 1 st January of any year

Cancellation Policy

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  • ❖ If cancelled prior 24 hours or more from the Scheduled Time : 100% Refund
  • ❖ If cancelled prior 12 hours of the Scheduled Time : 75% Refund
  • ❖ If cancelled prior 6 hours of the Scheduled Time : 50% Refund
  • ❖ Cancellation and Refund of the activity will not be applicable on Special Dates like 1st January, 14th February, 25th December, 31st December of Every Year

Refund Policy

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  • ❖ Refund will be provided within 7 days of Cancellation
  • ❖ The respective amount based on cancellation policy will be refunded back to the same source of payment option selected during the transaction
  • ❖ In case the refund is not initiated within 7 days please connect us on Customer Support

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